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7 eMotions

editorial platform dedicated to introspection
and creative exploration of basic emotions
– the Excellence Award, UCRRM MUSICRIT Awards Gala 2022



From Bartók to contemporary dance:
music and movement / video and creative workshops in rural schools
– nominated for the 2022 AFCN Awards / "Addressing young audiences with limited access to culture"


Anotimpurile (Seasons)

new music & collaborative experiences,
animated illustrations and creative workshops


The Carnival of the Animals

a musical and artistic education project
– nominated for the 2021 AFCN Awards / "Addressing young audiences with limited access to culture"



The Imago Mundi ensemble proposes
a project of creative exploration of Erik Satie's work

7 eMotions – How does an artist live with his hopes, his joys, his anxieties? How does he manage his anger, sadness, fear, contempt, disgust? How do the artist’s emotions turn into “artistic emotion”?

It was an excellent concert! Well written music, very interesting and cleverly organized sound material and I like the naturalness/homogeneity with which the ideas are presented and welded together. Very good arrangements and compositions. The cast, the lights and everything you did in Cluj was special. Very nice! Hearty congratulations to all involved!

Sebastian Țună, composerabout Imago Mundi's „Isvor. George Enescu” National Tour

Today I watched the whole concert of Imago Mundi in Craiova and it was very moving, great emotions, great music and great musicians. It was a great event. I felt paralized for the exciting repertoire they offered to the audience of Craiova. Congratulations!!!

Gian Luigi Zampieri, conductorabout Imago Mundi's „Isvor. George Enescu” National Tour

Congratulations for the chosen music of delicacy and refinement, supported by the force of folkloric inspiration and the craftsmanship respectfully inherited from George Enescu, congratulations for the project that fully deserves its "cultural" attribute.

Ilie Vorvoreanu, musicianabout „Summer Gardens” project

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