“7 eMotions” was awarded the Excellence Award of the Union of Music Critics, Editors and Producers from Romania, at the UCRRM – MUSICRIT 2022 Awards Gala.

“7 eMotions” is an editorial platform dedicated to the introspection and creative exploration of primary emotions (surprise, joy, fear, anger, sadness, contempt, disgust) from a literary, visual, musical, journalistic, philosophical and psychological perspective. During September – October 2022, the platform 7emotions.isvor.ro/ has published a series of multimedia / participatory materials, with a transdisciplinary approach: articles, illustrations, interviews, audio recordings, videos, philosophy conferences, emotional coaching and personal development in online sessions dedicated to artists. Aimed at creators of art and culture, the project is equally addressed to the public.

The theme of the 7 emotions was developed in as many literary essays (written by Ioana Bâldea Constantinescu), accompanied by a series of 7 graphic illustrations (made by Daniel Ivașcu), materials published both in the form of digital articles / text and in audio format and video.

7 musical works were composed for solo instruments, performed by Raluca Stratulat (violin), Maria-Diana Petrache (piano), Sebastian Antoneac (clarinet), Alexandra Stanciu (bassoon), Andreea Țimiraș (cello), Răzvan Florescu (vibraphone), Carla Stoleru (flute). The composers invited to participate in the project (Andrei Petrache, Bogdan Pintilie, Cătălin Ștefănescu-Pătrașcu, Aurelian Băcan, Sebastian Androne Nakanishi, DanDe Popescu, Gabriel Mălăncioiu) will talk about music and emotions in a series of dialogues / interviews conducted by Călin Torsan, writer and musician.


The philosophical approach was developed within 3 conference-workshops (with the themes “Moral indignation on social media”, “Digitalisation of fear”, “The future of empathy”) supported by Emilian Mihailov, university lecturer of the Faculty of Philosophy / University of Bucharest. The “7 eMotions” platform hosted a series of emotional coaching and personal development sessions (under the title “Empathy – what we don’t know about what we feel”) open to Romanian artists regardless of the field of manifestation, sessions coordinated by Adina Bortă, coach and psychotherapist .

The artistic team of the project is completed by: Bogdan Vuluță – music director, Andrei Barbu – sound designer, Florin Ghenade – video director, Irinel Cîrlănaru – DOP, camera, editing, color grading, Daniel Ivașcu – graphic & web designer, Olga Mariș – specialist in communication, Oana Ivașcu – producer and coordinator.

The “7 eMotions” project is a cultural project organized by the ISVOR Cultural Association, co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN) in the I/2022 session. Partners: ICR New York, National University of Music Bucharest, Faculty of Philosophy / University of Bucharest. Media partners: Radio Romania Muzical, Radio Romania Cultural, Days and Nights, BookHub, Agenția de cArte, Romania Pozitivă, Pilgrim.Project, ConnectArts.