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Who we are

Established in 2016, the ISVOR Cultural Association initiates, develops and coordinates cultural projects in collaboration with organizations from the country and abroad: concerts, workshops, festivals. We promote Romanian creativity in a contemporary context; we support the national cultural presence on the international stage.

The 6 years of activity mean: 17 cultural projects; 224 participants (artists / teams); 51 events in 39 towns from 7 countries; 43 creative workshops in 17 rural schools for 2,416 students; 125 national and international partnerships; over 13,600 spectators; over 895,000 online visitors.

We list a few: “7 eMotions” (transdisciplinary artistic research platform – project awarded with the Excellence Award, UCRRM Awards Gala 2022); the cultural education projects “DANSate” (musical and performative artistic creation – from Bartók to contemporary dance), “Seasons” (collaborative musical creation and creative workshops for children), “Carnival of the Animals” (nominated for the 2021 AFCN Awards – “Addressing to the young audience with limited access to culture”, artistic education project, with music and shadow theater) “Music Laboratory” (with the creation of the “Dictionary of Musical Instruments” in 15 short animation films and the provision of 10 schools with musical instruments), projects carried out in 17 rural schools – areas with limited access to culture in Vâlcea county; the multi-disciplinary platform “ConnectArts” (3 editions, nominated for the 2018 AFCN Awards – Interdisciplinary Activation) through which we created complete professional portfolios hosted on audio, video, photo materials, presentations translated into English, French and German for + 80 young musicians (classical, contemporary, jazz, world-music); the “ConnectArts” concerts, live (Teatrelli / CreArt Bucharest, 2019) and online (as part of “Enescu Soirees Online”, ICR New York program, 2020-2021); Imago Mundi’s “Isvor Constantin Brâncuși” European Tour 2017 – Belgrade (SRB), Budapest (HU), Vienna, Graz (AT); “Hikikomori”, visual-performative installation, 2017; “Imago Mundi National Tour” 2017; “Summer Gardens”, Bucharest 2016; “Isvor. George Enescu” National Tour (nominated at the 2016 AFCN Awards – Activation of intangible heritage).


Oana Ivașcu

dream coordinator

A musician with a great openness to innovation and experimentation, a graduate of the National University of Music - Bucharest, Oana is responsible for the management of our projects: from coordination to communication, from development to implementation. Oana has over 21 years of experience in coordinating the Imago Mundi ensemble and over 10 years in corporate events for the Pilgrim Project.

Daniel Ivașcu

deputy dreamer

Graduate of the National University of Arts - Bucharest, Faculty of Fine Arts / Graphics Department, visual artist by education and percussionist by passion, Daniel creates and visually develops the concepts of the Association's projects.
When he is not dreaming of cultural projects, Daniel is a graphic designer.
Or percussionist.

Do you want to know more about us? Ask anything, we will be happy to answer you! write us